dimarts, 5 de maig de 2020

Photo descriptions

Students from 1st ESO have been working about how to describe photos/images.
An image description gives more details than text and allows someone to learn more about what is in an image. Image descriptions provide further detail. 
Students were given some guidelines to do it, and this is the excellent final result. Well-done!


In this Picture, there are some children. In the background I can see some people sitting on the pavilion, watching the match of basketball. The two girls are in the middle but they are from different teams. 

At the moment they are playing a basketball match (3x3). One of the girls is catching a ball and the other is trying to take it so she can't pass the ball. The people that are in the pavilion are very they interested and some of them are laughing. The girl that has the ball is smaller than the other girl. Both girls are wearing a black T-shirt and shorts. The tallest one has brown hair and the shortest has blond hair. The two girls that are in the background are wearing a blue T-shirt because I think that they are from the same team. 

I think that all the people that appears in this picture are enjoying that moment. I am the blond girl, in the photo I’m not smiling but I tell you that nobody enjoyed that moment more than me.


In this picture, you can see me next to a garden in Futuroscope in France.

In the background, I can see some trees and two types of beds, where people lay down on it, one is blue and the other is orange. Behind me there are some beautiful grey butterflies that are around all the road. Below the butterflies there are some beautiful, pink, purple, yellow and white flowers.

At the moment, someone of my family is taking the photo of me meanwhile I’m walking on the road.

I have blond long hair that I collect on a ponytail. Although, it is summer I have light skin. I’m wearing a light pink jumpsuit, dark sunglasses and light pink shoes.

I think that I’m having fun because I’m in a theme park and I look very happy. I must be excited to be there.

The weather is good and it looks as if it is sunny. It is very hot too because it is summer.

I think that it is interesting that I’m wearing the earphones of the theme park that tells you all the information of the different places.

In my opinion, it is a very beautiful photo and I love the butterflies and the flowers.



In this photo we can see the students of 1st of ESO all together. In the background, there is a big bridge with four bows. They are in a high place because there are good views! The students are in at the middle of the photo. 

At the moment, the students, all of them are looking at the camera and smiling. We aren’t able to see all the clothes that they are wearing at the moment, but we can see different colourful jackets and trousers. All the students are very happy. I think they are having fun all together. About the weather, it isn’t doing a good weather. It's cloudy and it seems it is going to rain. It seems a bit windy as well. 

I think it’s a beautiful photo because all 1st of ESO is having fun and doing nice activities.

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